Airheads Candy

After pitching and winning the Airheads business, my team at Huge and I got the chance to resurrect a brand that was a staple during our childhood (& gave us the much-needed opportunity to eat a bunch of candy and act like kids again.)

We were tasked to create a 360 campaign for Airheads, starting with new commercials and brand tagline. The TV spots we made were actually the first national TV spots that HUGE, a digital ad agency, has ever produced.



We may have exaggerated the long-lasting taste of Airheads. Just a wee bit. Anything to make the kids smile, right?

Another rendition of the #CantStopTheFlavor campaign.


Influencer Partnerships

For this campaign, we also identified and partnered with some key influencers on various social media channels to help spread the word.

We worked with the kids at Kitties Mama, a very popular Youtube channel among our young target demographic. So far, this video has raked in 500,000+ views.

Tyler Oakley is perhaps one of the most popular Youtube channels out there. He's is a huge hit among our audience, and this campaign yielded some very successful results with over 800,000+ views to date.


Social Media Musings


We concepted and executed a ton of fun social media content in the form of edible GIFs. These lived on the Airheads social channels and were either used as daily content or in promotion of a larger event, such as the VMAs or the premier of the Walking Dead.